Integrate Writing 

Overview:  Emphasize and Integrate Reading, Writing, Thinking and Speaking. 

This course focuses on reading comprehension, writing, and critical thinking skills. Based on the student's level, appropriate literary works will be chosen during the course for analysis. Students will learn about the author's background and time period, as well as other similar writers. Homework will be given according to the material studied in class, and the teacher will give detailed feedback for the student's written work. Throughout the course, we hope that students will not only begin to understand English literature and culture and become familiar with different types of writing, but more importantly mature into independent and critical thinkers.

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Course Goals:

  1. Students will be evaluated on the following skills:

  2. Literal comprehension

  3. Written expression of ideas

  4. Verbal expression of ideas

  5. Summary of text

  6. Analysis of text

  7. Synthesis of text

Course Assignments:

  1. Weekly verbal participation grade

  2. Weekly study guide for The Giver

  3. 3 summaries of non-fiction articles

  4. 1 final synthesis essay

Instructor Name:

Jordan Rosenfeld 


Jordan Rosenfeld is an experienced educator and New York State certified Social Studies teacher who has taught Language Arts, including Writing, and Social Studies to students of a wide range of age and ability levels for over two decades.   


As an English teacher, he has specialized in making connections between characters and their conflicts in classic works of American and foreign literature such as A Tale of Two Cities, Fathers and Sons, A Separate Peace, and Johnny Tremain and the experiences of students who are reading these works in the 21st century. For Social Studies classes, he has taught both Global History & Geography and United States History & Government and has developed specialized units for a wide range of topics including the Colonial History of the United States, Immigration to the United States, Landmarks of New York City, and The French Revolution. 


Writing and Test Preparation are two additional areas where Mr. Rosenfeld has extensive experience of the type that will benefit students as they prepare college essays or get ready to take Regents exams or SATs and ACTs.  Mr. Rosenfeld has also worked with students of all ages who are non-native speakers of English to strengthen their grammar, sentence structure, and conversational skills. Even native speakers of English often have weaknesses in these areas and acknowledge the benefits that Mr. Rosenfeld's customized grammar and sentence structure refresher sessions has given them as they encounter challenging SAT and ACT questions. Foreign students have benefited from Mr. Rosenfeld's assistance as they prepare to take standardized English tests that are required by their colleges and universities.  

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