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Students will study U.S. History from the time period of the late 1700’s to the late 1800’s.   Students will concentrate on the Bill of Rights through the Civil War. Some class writing strategies will include MEAL, RAFT, Think and Apply, Inferences, Vocabulary skills, context clues, genre, Irony, and more! We will also practice D.B.Q.’s (Document Based-Questions).  


  1. Week 1     Learning Objective- How does the Bill of Rights protect your freedom?  

  2. Vocabulary: Congress, Senate, House of Representatives, Supreme Court, Justices, Branches of Government, Freedom of the Press, Amendments, Bill of Rights 

  3. HW:  Complete worksheet on the Bill of Rights 

  4. Week 2      Learning Objective- How did the U.S. double in size in 1803? 

  5. Vocabulary: crops, Louisiana Purchase, doubled 

  6. HW: Writing assignment on Lewis and Clark Expedition .........


All reading materials will be provided for students. We will go over the H.W. from the previous week. We will have class discussions and we will watch videos, play Kahoot, and more.  

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• Masters of Science, Secondary History                     June 2005

• Queens College of the City of New York, Flushing, N.Y.   Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education              June 1993

• Dowling College, Oakdale, N.Y.

• New York State Elementary Education Provisional Certification,   N-6

• New York State Social Studies Provisional Certification, 7-12


• Debate Coach (1994-2005)

• More than 25 years of secondary school teaching experience.

• 10 years of debate coaching

• Ken has led the schools to win the New York City Debate and won   the championship.

• He currently works for a public middle school in New York.

• Chess Coach 2016-present

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