Course Overview:

The course is designed to help students learn computational creation with the Scratch programming by viewing multiple sample projects and using a design-based learning approach.

Brief description of the content of the course:

We have created a unique summer course for kids who love scratch programming. This series will lead children to understand the programming logic from simple building blocks, master the use of basic modules of programming software, script concepts and program planning, and cultivate students' creative thinking. The course allows students to participate in learning to make interactive stories, games and animations.

Course Goals:

1. Students can realize the basic knowledge of Scratch Programming.

2. Students can master the basic working methods of Scratch.

3. Students can develop their computational thinking through explorations with Scratch

Learning Outcomes/Objectives

& Possible Skills

  1. Realize the knowledge of creative computing.

  2. Understand computational design processes.

Incentivize student’s interest.

Instructor Name:

Mori Mao


Secondary education experience. Having served four different schools and educational companies over five years, I have a deep understanding about the content of science curriculum and secondary student’s behavior. I am familiar with the issues and problems that secondary students always encounter and how metacognitive learning processes influence their study during adolescence.

Leadership/managerial skills. Your company/school will benefit from my exceptional organization and interpersonal skills. During my time as Team Leader of Science Department, I was in charge of implementing a new tech-education tool in the school. I taught teachers how to install educational tools and apply remote controls in the classroom and helped teachers better integrate technology into their classes. I established the evaluation system to guarantee the success of the technology classes.

Proven results. When I was nominated as a leader in the Science Department, I divided the science teacher group into different subgroups and assigned different work to them, such as setting up teaching objectives, implementing teaching routines, controlling teaching quality and running teaching seminars. Through this two-year endeavor, the annual rate of the students in our school who entered prestigious universities increased from 45% to 66%.

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