Boy with DIY Robot

Robotics Courses

Robot is a comprehensive subject involving mechanics, electronics, engineering, automatic control, computer, artificial intelligence and so on. It aims at cultivating students’ scientific literacy and technical accomplishment, and is a practical course with comprehensive planning, design and application as the main characteristics of learning. It plays an irreplaceable role in broadening students’ knowledge and promoting their all-round and individualized development.

The teams of PIA TECH LEAGUE, 99588, 809 and 11791, won the team excellence award, competition champion, best design award, innovation award and other awards in previous competitions, and accumulated rich experience in the competition.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, this season ended early, but our training will not stop. Students from 11 to 17 years old who are interested in robot competitions are welcome to join us to learn the principles of machinery, robot construction, programming, operation and debugging, and meet the challenges of the new season with members of our team.



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