This course brings students into the world of programming. The teacher will guide students through Python basics and small projects. Student will learn the fundamental knowledge and the use of:
·       Python data types including numeric type (int, float), text type (str), sequence type (list, tuple, range), mapping type (dict), and Boolean type (bool).
·       Python built-in data structure: list, tuple, dictionary
·       Python built-in functions and modules
·       Proper programming Logics 
·       Hands-on small fun Python projects


  • Typing speed: 25 wpm minimum; 30 wpm recommended.

  • Prior programming exposure: block programming such as Scratch and etc.

  • Analytical readiness: be comfortable working with numbers and code.

  • 9~10 yrs recommended.

Laptop requirement:

For best result, a fast laptop (<2yr old) with 8GB RAM is required, running Windows. Other platform is ok but no support will be provided.

Instructor Name:




Ms. Lucy is an experienced software developer. As a full stack developer, she is proficient in both front-end and back-end languages and frameworks. She cares deeply about programming education for next generation, so she chose to teach young children how to program in Python at LongWings Edu. She has a M.S. degree majoring in Applied Computer Science.

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