New York Long Wings Education-Computer Competition Camp
The training class is divided into 2 sessions, each with 10 days. The first course content is USACO Bronze level (difficulty level: Bronze level test requires basic programming knowledge), and the first course content is USACO silver level (difficulty level: basic questions are required Solving ability and simple algorithms, such as: greedy algorithm, recursive search, etc., also need to understand the basic data structure).
USACO, the United States Computer Olympiad, is a competition for all high school informatics contestants around the world. Its difficulty ranges from easy to difficult: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
Computer teacher Michael Chen, USACO Platinum level player, Yale University computer science student, has rich competition experience and teaching experience.
Class hours: 12 lessons
Number of people: 4-8 people per class
Suitable for the crowd: the first phase is suitable for more than half a year of Java programming experience, the second phase is suitable for more than one year of Java programming experience
Teaching platform: Zoom
The main content of this course is Java, which is currently the most extensive network programming language. It has the characteristics of simple, wide object-oriented and strong stability. The Java environment can be used to develop application software that can run on any computing platform. The systems of Internet companies, governments, and large multinational corporations are basically developed using Java, and the market prospect is good.
Experienced Java engineers can choose architects, front-end development, big data processing, games, mobile development, or transfer to other languages ​​in career planning.
This course uses metaphors and analogies to assist in understanding abstract concepts, easily mastering the basic syntax of Java, and no longer regards programming languages ​​as "sky books."
Through hands-on practice to master each knowledge point more deeply, integrate the learned knowledge, and complete the transition from learning a programming language to using a programming language.

【Computer Science】USACO-——Instructor: Michael Chen

  • 8/10——8/21



    Requirement: Student have more than half a year of Java foundation



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