Level 4 :

The Critical Reading and Writing Level 4 classes are designed with high-school students specifically in mind. The course is aimed at instructing students in advanced reading, writing, and analytical abilities. Students will read a variety of literature, including fiction and nonfiction, that covers a range of historical periods and topics.  Students will learn how to make explicit and inferential interpretations from a text, synthesize information, and identify how discrete details or writing techniques contribute to the overall meaning of a work. There will be a focus on academic writing, and students will be asked to complete three different kinds of analytical essays that are appropriate for advanced placement or collegiate writing. Especially during a time of remote learning in schools, this course’s purpose is to provide students with a rigorous and challenging curriculum that will supplement their high school courses.

Target Learner: 

9th Grade through 10th Grade. Students should be prepared to complete a few homework assignments. 

Learner Outcomes:

Students will be able to: 

  • explain ideas, processes, and relationships within and across texts (themes, evidence-based argument) in detail based on close reading of a text and using academic language 

  • identify two or more central themes of a text and how the author develops it over the course of the passage, including how they interact and build upon each other with complex analysis 

  • cite strong and thorough textual evidence in favor of explicit and inferential claims 

  • evaluate how a writers use of a sentence structure or words produces nuances and effects on the audience, with reasonable argumentation and strong support from the text 

  • write a literary analysis essay that examines the usage and interactions of various different types of literary devices, and explain how such usage conveys the central theme(s) of the fictional text 

  • write a synthesis essay that traces the development of an argument across multiple nonfiction passages, with strong evidence and sound reasoning

Critical Reading and Writing-L4(Grade9-10)-Lecturer: Aimee

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  • Aimee - CRW - L4 【Max 15】recommend for G9-10  

    [8/17-10/26 (no class on 9/7)] Mon, Thur 4:00pm - 5:30pm  (West Coast)

    7:00pm - 8:30pm (East Coast)

  • Aimee Q. ​

    B.A. from UCLA

    Master of Humanities from the University of Chicago 

    Studied law at Duke University 

    Aimee has a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA, a Master of Humanities from the University of Chicago, and studied Law at Duke University.  Besides helping students in English, Aimee is also passionate about essay writing. She is a patient and encouraging teacher with each of her students. Aimee is a college essay expert, helping students brainstorm a unique and compelling story for their applications. 



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