Carmine Garone is a leading developer of successful scholastic and workforce programs educating people on all proficiency levels of communications. He has used his training as a coach, collegiate club president and over 30 years of service in the retail field to build a program that will give students the confidence they need to condition themselves in their learning experience. 


Carmine’s college education in communication and debate has led to many achievements, including being voted President within his collegiate community. His work experience spans realms in both retail and law. It has given him an outlet to exercise communication skills that are results oriented and sharply persuasive in and out of the court room.  


This class will be a true mixture of education and fun that will give students a rare look into how important communication skills are in the workforce and daily life.  

【Course ID:DS111-03】Public Speaking-Middle School——Lecturer: Carmine Garone

  • Grade: 4-5

    Time: Every Saturday 8:00AM 9:30AM 1.5hr

    Schedule: 9/12, 19, 26.   10/3, 10, 17, 24, 31.  11/7, 14, 21, 28.  (12 times)

    Course Description: 


    This course prepares students for a variety of academic and other situations in which formal presentations are required. Topics will include cultural conventions and speech, perceptions of others, verbal and nonverbal messages, and techniques of oral presentation and persuasion. Students will learn how to research, outline, and deliver short, informal presentations as well as longer speeches. 


    Students will proficiently demonstrate public speaking skills necessary for a variety of audiences in preparation for middle and high school and for post-secondary opportunities. 

    During this course, students will learn that with thorough preparation and practice, one can overcome nervousness and perform exceptionally well. Being an excellent public speaker can enhance your reputation, boost your self-confidence , and open up countless opportunities! 



    Course Goals: 


    This is a performance course which intends to familiarize students with the preparation and delivery of various speeches including informative and persuasive speeches. Students will research, outline and deliver speeches, as well as act as critics of their own, fellow students’, and famous speakers’ work. The course aims to reduce students’ anxiety in public presentations, emphasize speech preparation, enhance public speaking skills, and make students better able to evaluate their own performance and that of others.  


    By the end of the semester, all students should:  

    • Become aware of personal speech habits and characteristics. To increase your confidence.  

    • Improve posture, voice, diction and other mechanics of speech.  

    • Develop speech preparation and presentation techniques, audience awareness and self-awareness.  

    • Cultivate poise and self-confidence.  

    • Present a variety of speeches (informative, persuasive, demonstrative, special occasion, etc.) 




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