Debate course: Through more professional debate topics, medium-depth thinking training and debating skills, children can give full play to their understanding and analysis skills. Teach children the ability to collect information, filter information, organize information, and analyze information on the Internet until they generate opinions. Train your child's ability to respond on the spot, quickly sort out the other party's views, and grasp the ability of the other party's views.

【Course ID:DS101-02】Debate-Elementary(Primary)——Lecturer: Ms. Trotta

  • Grade 3-5

    Time: Every Thursday 4:30PM 6:00PM 1.5hr

    Level: Beginner

    Schedule: 9/17, 24. 10/1,8, 15, 22,29. 11/5, 12, 19. 12/3,10. (12 times)




287 Northern Blvd, Suite 211 Great Neck NY USA 11021