Why kids need to learn Debate?

Primary School Debate Course: Our courses are designed for young children. Through a variety of life-related debates, a relaxed and active atmosphere, guide children to actively participate in the debate topic. Inspire children to think about topics, stimulate children's enthusiasm for life, and let children express their views freely and boldly.

【Course ID:DS203-01】Debate-Middle School(Advanced)——Lecturer: Ken Newberg

  • Grade 6-8

    Time: Every Tuesday 6:10PM 7:40PM 1.5hr

    Schedule: 9/15, 22,29. 10/6,13, 20, 27. 11/3, 10, 17, 24. 12/1 (12 times)


  • Childen will learn presentation skills, vocabulary acquisition, critical thinking skills, rhetorical questioning, and the ability to develop an effective argument on the most current relevant topics. Debaters will have the opportunity to compete in Public Forum Debate Tournaments.



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