The goal if this class is to prepare students for the upcoming USACO Bronze contests. Upon completion of this course, students should have enough material and preparation to pass into the Silver division. Throughout this course, students will exercise and strengthen their programming knowledge and algorithmic thinking skills. Regular homework with multiple programming assignments will be given, and students are trained to be able to solve problems by themselves from start to finish. 

Bio for the lecturer 

Michael Chen is entering his sophomore year at Yale University, studying computer science. He has had multiple competitive programming experiences during high school. Besides qualifying for the USACO Platinum division, Michael has also won first at the Stanford Programming Contest the ACSL International All Star Contest.  His other interests include machine learning and web development.  

【Course ID:CS921-01】计算机竞赛USACO 银牌初级 (Grade 7-12)——Lecturer: Mr. Michael

  • Grade: 7-12

    Time: Every Saturday 8:00PM 9:30PM 1.5hr

    Schedule: 1/23,30 2/6,13,20,27 3/6,13,20,27 4/10,17,24 5/1,8 (15 times)


    Typing speed: 25 wpm minimum; 30 wpm recommended. 

    Prior programming exposure: Java language fundamentals: variables, conditionals, arrays, loops, functions 

    Problem solving foundations and analytical skills 

    Laptop requirement  

    Any laptop or computer with reliable access to the Internet and at least 8 GB of RAM is sufficient for this course. All operating systems supported. 

  • 该课程的目标是为即将到来的USACO青铜赛做准备。学完该课程,学生的编程能力和算法思维能力将得到很大提高。我们在课堂上会分类讲解各种挑战性编程题的思路和解法,帮助孩子从茫然失措中解脱出来,规划,整理攻克竞赛题的方法。每节课后我们布置大量竞赛练习题将巩固孩子对课程内容的理解,使孩子逐渐增强信心和自我解决问题的能力。



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