Math Olympiads 

Brief Description of the Course: 

Students will explore the strategies of problem solving. The Problem-Solving component focuses on logical thinking while providing review of key math concepts.  Our class is designed to introduce topics that most students do not encounter until much later in their schooling, and to equip students with general mathematical strategies that will be useful throughout their education. The class aims to develop the students’ ability to think about and solve complex problems.  

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Course Objectives:

            After the course, students 

  • will be able to apply problem solving and logic skills 

  • will have a better and deeper understanding of the math concepts 

  • will gain a solid knowledge of elementary math notations 

  • will be familiar with several subfields of mathematics (e.g, statistics, number theory, logic, geometry.)  

  • will be prepared for some math competitions (e.g, Olympiads, Kangaroo, Math counts) 

Instructor Name:

Huifei Li

  • Graduated in Queens college with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and master’s degree in Mathematics.

  • Adjunct Lecturer in Nassau Community College, Queens College and Hofstra University. Teach different level of math classes, from algebra to calculus.

  • Experienced tutor skills and rich classroom experience. Had tutored different ages of students (from elementary school to college students).

  • Passionate and patient to the students. 


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