Java is the most popular programming language in the computer industry. Its powerful function and complicated grammar are a step in learning programming technology. This course helps children to quickly understand each core concept of Java programming, through formal, orderly, and some learning, so that children can smoothly enter the wonderful world of Java programming.

What you will learn:

  • Become a Java programmer

  • Learn basic programming concepts

  • Be familiar with Java Syntax

  • How to debug your code

  • Write professional code

  • Use Java to solve all kinds problems

  • Build coding skills

  • Construct solid coding basis

  • Other important computer knowledge


  • You need install the latest Java JDK 14 from Oracle website

  • Intellij IDEA community version

  • No previous coding experience is needed

  • You’d better be at least 11 years old

Course content:

  • Unit 1. Introduction to Java

  • Unit 2. Variables and Assignment

  • Unit 3. Operations and Calculations

  • Unit 4. Branch Statements

  • Unit 5. More Calculations

  • Unit 6. Loop Statements

  • Unit 7. More Calculations and Loop Statements

  • Unit 8. Textual Processing

  • Unit 9. Introduction to Array

  • Unit 10. Common Array Operations

  • Unit 11. Nesting and 2D Array

  • Unit 12. Summary and Final Exam

Instructor Name:

Lin Liu



A programmer who loves coding and computer science.

Former CTO of a big data company.

Years of programming and teaching experience including Scratch, Python, Java, computer science AP and USACO.

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