FLL & EV3 

Course characteristics: According to the ability and distinction of students of different ages, students are gradually formed into a divergent thinking mode in a guided manner, and they are allowed to learn engineering and technical knowledge during the actual operation of assembling robots. This teaching method can enable students to give full play to their personal creativity and integrate it into practical works. In the teamwork operation, students' teamwork ability and team communication ability are strengthened. In participating in group competitions, the competition process will further improve students' oral expression ability, group interaction ability, organization ability, so as to complete the task of the competition.


Competition features: By participating in the competition, students not only learn and progress in technology, but also improve their communication skills, research projects and teamwork. In the course of teaching competition classes, teachers will teach students according to their aptitude, that is, combine different characteristics of each student and give them different tasks. And students are required to report their tasks from time to time to other members of the team, and strengthen communication and expression skills while technical training. In today's era of technological explosions, in addition to having top-notch technology, good comprehensive presentation skills are also essential skills. The PIA team has always believed that a good person should be a combination of technical ability and communication and elaboration ability. Any good idea must be expressed and elaborated by good communication talents in order to make this idea shine. These abilities are the direction and goal of our competition class! I also hope that children can learn more from it!



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