Team Meeting

Description of debate course

Debate is the most advanced expression tool.

The benefits of debate includes:

  • The debate is usually about conflicting topics. This kind of intellectual conflict will make students more focused on learning and less distracted.

  • In the process of debate, information, analysis, arrangement and discussion, let students participate in the cooperative and active learning process well.

  • Debate can improve oral communicative competence, teach people to empathize, listen attentively, and learn to be open-minded.

  • Training children’s quick response, deep thinking, confident and rigorous expression.

  • Training children’s etiquette, pronunciation, intonation, pausing rhythm

Benefits of Debate

  • Debate requires children to express their views clearly in the shortest possible time, requiring key points of sentences, pinpointing, including logical inheritance, turning, rhetorical and other skills. Train children to simplify and organize their speaking skills. A

  • The debate allows children to think about various social issues in a safe and appropriate environment, and fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of positive and negative views. Children need to solve problems, clarify keywords and internal logic, set up an argument structure, find various data on the Internet, draw up arguments, continue to build and then overthrow. . . It is to train children to grasp the key core as soon as they see the problem, and to propose the ability to solve the problem as soon as possible. A

  • Debate is a team sport. All the debaters of a debate team need to perform their own duties. They must be at the same pace in the game, and they must be together in order to beat their opponents. Not afraid of god-like opponents, afraid of pig-like teammates. The debate allowed the children to stir their minds together in training and to live and die together in the game. A

  • Because of this, the high gold content debate experience in American university applications is a very important bargaining chip. Ivy League University admission statistics show that the debate team leader has a 60% higher probability of successful application than the average student. A

  • Since its establishment, Changyi has been promoting debate education. We have seen many children who are not good at speaking, become confident, lively, and expressive. Our long-wing debate team won the top three in NYCUDL, the largest debate game in New York in 2019, and won dozens of awards.



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