Teaching philosophy:

As a teacher for over 25 years, I believe children learn best when they become invested in what they are learning. Children when properly motivated and inspired can accomplish wonderful things. Interesting and engaging lessons are taught that differentiate to meet the needs of every student in an interactive environment. Positive feedback and next steps for growth are commonplace. 

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Course content :

In this course, students will learn the many aspects of Public Forum Debate and have the ability to compete in Local debate tournaments discussing current events, both global and domestic. Courses vary from beginner to expert levels, so anyone can join. All materials provided. 

Learning objectives:

Our courses provide children with life long skills such as proper presentation skills, debate terminology, critical thinking skills, rhetorical questioning, listening and flowing, refuting, rebutting, crossfire, organization and preparation, research and detailed topic analysis, and of course speaking skills as well. 

Course goals:

It is our goal to have today’s children build their confidence and self esteem by empowering them through debate. Our goal is for every child to find their “voice’ and learn to speak up and become knowledgeable regarding today’s most relevant issues. 

Instructor Name:




Currently working as a 6th grade Math teacher. Prior positions and experience within the school system include Physical Education, 2nd,4th, and 5th grade homeroom teacher, technology/computers and school dean. Twice elected UFT Chapter Chairperson. 


Developed an innovative and successful Debate program creating curriculum for every grade level. Teaching online Globally, Nationally, and Locally and now supervising staff in Public Forum Debate as program is expanding. Create, organize, and Host Debate Tournaments throughout NY.  

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