AMC is the most authoritative and most authoritative middle school math competition in the United States. AMC and latter AIME are one of the most valuable competitions and activities for American university applications.
In the AM8/10 course, we will help students learn and master the necessary knowledge of Math Competition, and apply them in exams and solving problems, so as to win awards and promote them. Excellent score in AMC will greatly help the application of United State famous high school or universities.

At the same time, in the era of continuous innovation and replacement, learning and understanding have gradually become the most important abilities that students must master. With the purpose of helping students understand mathematical concepts and principles, to ensure that students do not only prepare for AMC exams in the learning process, so that they can fully grasp and understand the origin of each formula and theorem while learning problem-solving skills, thus further develop students' logical thinking ability and understanding ability to new stuff, which will lay solid foundation for students' capability to solve hard problems in the future mathematics (or non-mathematical) learning.

In 2019

The teacher helps three students get 2.5% of AMC10 and successfully enter AIME.

AMC 10 Math Competition



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