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           New York Longwings Education is an educational institution focused on STEAM and targets K-12 students. Our courses are based on inspiring students' interest, learning professional knowledge of technology, engineering, art, and mathematics in a comprehensive, practical, and realistic environment. They combine creativity and solid content, which is both challenging and expansive. Courses include computers, robotics, speech and debate, art, mathematics, English, Chinese, chess, etc. At the same time, we have a top team with 20 years of experience in studying abroad who is responsible for providing high school study abroad, transfer, and university guidance and consulting services.

            The teachers of the Long Wing Debate Team are all New York State’s top debate coaches and have won the New York State Championship many times. The courses are lively and interesting, covering elementary, junior, and high school debates. The debate is a unified training item for the heart, brain, hands, eyes, and mouth. The ability to collect and analyze children's data, listen and understand, analyze and reason, write and collaborate, and express and communicate are all very good exercises.

           The Long Wing Debate Team won the champion, runner-up, and runner-up of the largest New York State debate in 2018-2019;
In the second round of the competition from 2019 to 2020, it won first place in New York City again. A total of 7 people won the debater award, and 11 groups of 22 people won the debate group award.



287 Northern Blvd, Suite 211 Great Neck NY USA 11021